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When I really started to lose some substantial weight, I started to look for ways to keep and increase the pace. This happened at the end of my first year. I had lost around 140lbs and, being fairly impatient by nature, I had done some calculating and figured out how long it would take me to hit my first goal. I had also noticed a slow down in the average monthly weight loss.

I started to do some research about methods of losing weight. I was dumbfounded with what I learned. Apparently, I was doing everything all wrong according to conventional wisdom! How did that happen? I wasn’t following these tried and true methods, but I was losing weight.

So, in my best Pancho Villa stare and accent, (who from the pictures I have seen, should have laid off the chimichangas and given his horse a break) I give my rules for being a diet rebel:

Uno) I skip breakfast for the most part. I try and eat no more that about 80-100 calories in the morning. (To put that into perspective, one soft-boiled egg is about 80 calories.) The only reason I really do that is because I take a multi vitamin and with the water I am drinking I figure I need something to keep it from getting washed out of my system before it gets a chance to be absorbed. Conventional wisdom says a good breakfast is important in keeping the system burning fat. But for me, I find it’s easier to eat very little than it is to try and eat an meal and stop.

Dos) I eat one real meal a day. I eat dinner. For me, knowing that I have something to look forward to is much easier than trying to control what I eat all day long. It gives me a break from not having to think constantly about food and my intake by just avoiding the issue. Again, what I have read tells me you should eat small meals all day long instead.

Tres) I weigh myself everyday. The standard logic says that your weight will fluctuate a great deal so weighing yourself daily will be deceptive. I don’t know whose logic this is, but to me it’s wrong. If your weight fluctuates, and you weigh only weekly, what happens if you fluctuate on the day you weigh yourself? You will have a bad reading for 2 weeks. I weigh in every day first thing in the morning…well, second thing. Since I go to the gym at 5:00 AM, I am up at 4:30 AM, so that’s when I do it. The daily weigh-ins are a huge help to my motivation. If I have a positive weigh-in, I feel good and want to keep going. If I have a bad weigh-in, it motivates me to get back on track. I also try to avoid 3 bad weigh-ins in a row, because I fear creating a trend. Overall, the weigh-ins have been positive.

Quatro) I eat what I really want to eat. I focus on portion control. I can’t imagine not enjoying what I eat. There is no way on God’s Green Earth that I am ever going to eat and enjoy a stalk of celery. No matter how good for me it is, and no matter how much I can eat, I would not put that foul weed in my mouth. Like the man says, I didn’t spend the last 100,000 years getting to the top of the food chain for nothing. Now this doesn’t mean I am consuming large tubs of fudge covered in bacon grease. I do try to watch what I eat. It’s all about portion control for me. If I want to make like Pancho and make a “run for the border”, I get a sensible meal. Three crunchy tacos from my friends with the bell is less than 500 calories. Not bad for a full dinner.

Cinco) I work out more than is recommended. Currently, I am doing cardio 6 days a week. I take off one day on the weekend to allow myself some time to recharge. I read all kinds of advice that says to limit yourself to 3 or 4 twenty minute workouts a week. The logic is that you will hurt yourself if you work out more. If that’s the case, someone should notify the UFC fighters because from what I see they are working about several hours a day and they look pretty healthy to me. 

Seis) I drink a great deal of water. As I stated in previous posts, I drink a ton of water. To be exact, about 13 pounds of water a day. I read that is about 2 times what I should be drinking. It’s hard to argue with my success, but I don’t recommend that anyone else do this because I have been told too much water can be toxic and very unhealthy.

More rules to come.

Viva Villa. I don’t need no stink’en rules. Long live the rebels.



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