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A great friend of mine suggested I give a profile of my weight loss by the numbers. So, here goes:

Starting Date of weight loss: 02/16/06

Days Elapsed : 1,350


Height: 6’2 ½”. I was 6’3”, but according to my doctor, “you can’t fight gravity”. I guess I should be grateful that I had the height to lose. I can think of worse places to lose a half inch.


Starting shoe size: 14

Current shoe size: 12.5 wide—this one baffles me. 


Starting collar size: 23 ½

Current collar size: 18 ½


Starting shirt size: 9 XL Big

Current shirt size: 2 XL Tall


Starting pant size: Snug 76” x 32” relaxed fit with “built-in hidden waist extender”

Current pant size: 42”x 34” What gives…my inseam grew?


Starting hat size: 7 1/2

Current hat size: 7 3/8


Wardrobes purchased in almost 4 years: 5


Water consumed: 273,780 ounces or 2,139 gallons


Miles of cardio travelled at the gym: 5,600

Days spent in the gym: approx 560

Target calorie burn at the gym: 700-800 per session

Total calories burned so far: 1,193,150 (I am so glad I calculated that number when I started!)


Starting weight: 599.9 lbs

Current weight: 259.0 lbs

Target weight: 225 lbs—at least that’s my current target

Lost: 340.9 lbs

Average weight loss: .25251 lbs per day


At my current rate, I will completely disappear on Saturday, August 18th 2012.


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