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I have a big dry erase white board next to my desk at work. I was on a project last year that created a bit of stress for me. During that time, I started to write quotes on the board. The board writing was more to vent than to motivate. After the project ended, I quit writing on it, but it seemed that everyone had started to enjoy it and asked me to continue. Since then (due to popular demand), I have been keeping it going. Some of it is funny and some I think is poignant.

Since I am coming up on the New Year, I decided to put something up about resolutions. I feel that I know something about it because I started my weight loss process about 4 years ago as a New Years resolution. For once, it was a resolution that I actually kept.

I came across two quotes. The first one was, “So many fail because they don’t get started – they don’t go. They don’t overcome inertia. They don’t begin.” – W. Clement Stone. The second one was “Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.”- Unknown

For me, getting started losing weight was the hard part. Just making up my mind, I mean really making the decision to change was the real work. It was the time I said enough and put the fork down. I told myself I was going to start losing weight as my resolution. The truth was that even then, I was still getting myself in the right frame of mind and it took me some time to really get started.

After I got started, I broke free of that inertia and started moving forward. It was a bit like a rubber band engine on a balsa wood airplane that has been over-wound. It’s wound so tight, it binds and fights itself and just won’t spin. That was me. I was wound so tight that I couldn’t move. I had big plans and desire, but no momentum. After I got my propeller started, I took off. The key was getting into the habit. Someone told me I was determined, but I think my family would just call it stubborn.

The amazing thing was that even as I started to see the changes, people around me were telling me it wouldn’t work. Even now, I hear how I will plateau and not be able to lose weight. So much negative information is out there about how hard it is to lose weight and how you need help to do it. I continue to hear how it’s not possible to do what I have done without some type of assistance. Some surgery, a system, a support group…yada yada yada. It would appear that “fat” has a great publicist and wants to be around for a while.

You just have to start. It’s not a secret that to lose weight, burn 3,500 calories and you lose a pound. Burn 35,000 and you lose 10 pounds.

4 years ago, my resolution was to lose weight. 2 years ago was to get into the gym. This year, I have been thinking I may want to give myself a break…hey I earned it.

I am thinking about the following as possibilities for this year:

  1. Swear more- but in a creative way. Not just going right to the F-word but maybe something from the cartoons…Yikes, Ruh Ro, Zonks, or the best one…Gadzooks!
  2. Stockpile supplies for the coming Zombie Apocalypse (okay, not really a resolution…since I am doing that anyway)
  3. Watch more TV
  4. Get a part time job…maybe an at home veterinarian practice.
  5. Take a good hard look at that exciting career in the field of electronics.
  6. Give some real time to working on a “CB handle”

In all honesty, I have been giving more consideration to what to add this year and I am not sure what I want to do. I have been careful since I seem to take it a bit overboard. But it’s a good exercise in self control. I have learned that a little bit of success can help you break free of the inertia. If you are determined/stubborn enough, you can make real change. With the right direction, it can even be positive.

Even if you don’t make a resolution, it’s good to evaluate yourself. If you don’t keep them, it’s good to give thought to self improvement and at least you have the goal.

It’s like Ben Franklin said, “Be always at war with your vices.” Well said, Ben.



One Comment

  1. Paul,

    I love your blog and you. New Year’s is an amazingly guilt ridden marketing ploy. And as a Catholic, I know something about guilt. I try not to have resolutions as much as goals.

    I think we need a goal. To walk the Portland Marathon this year. I’ve done it several times but not in years. It’s a great goal, and changes the focus, for me anyway, from resolving to exercise more to “I don’t want to be at mile 20 barfing on my shoes weeping uncontrollably!?”

    See you later!

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