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Lately, I have been getting a number of requests for more pictures. I guess with all the “Biggest Loser type before and after reveal pictures,” people want to see more.  I have had the big reveal many times over the last few years.

I was in my hometown over the Christmas holiday visiting some friends, and was lucky enough to see my friend Jodi and her husband Lance. I haven’t seen them in maybe 10 years. It’s always strange running into people that knew me only when I was at my larger size. Some people don’t really know what to say.

When I saw Jodi, she gave me a big hug and told me she couldn’t believe it. She said if she had seen me on the street, she would have walked right past me without recognizing me. This wasn’t the first time I had been told that. It was a great feeling.

But, this got me thinking, my future as a criminal mastermind/evil genius will have to be put on permanent hold. This weight loss may have been my only chance to really change my look and have a real disguise. Given my dark complexion, I can’t really dye my hair. I know, I tried it a few years ago. It wasn’t a great look and ended up just being a testimony to my gullibility around pretty women. New clothing doesn’t really work, unless you are planning on cross dressing for the rest of your life…and I am certainly not going to try that again! Plus, I would make a really ugly woman, kind of like John Lithgow in “The World According to Garp”.

I had my life of crime all planned. I would become a national jewel thief (because local jewel thieves are so pedestrian and international thieves are pretentious in their tuxedos). After I made my big score, I would then lose the weight, shave my head and disappear. My world would be a blur of fast cars, strip clubs and midget wrestling. I guess some dreams must die. 

Since I am not going to be able to pull off that big caper, I thought I would go ahead and post the pictures. So, here you go. I also need to say thanks to Kacey Baxter of Acorn Studios (for the “after” photos). She is an incredible photographer and given what she had to work with is a bit of a magician.


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