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I went to do my weekly grocery shopping at my local supermarket this morning. As I was standing in line, waiting for a woman who seemed to be surprised about the fact she was going to have to write a check to pay for her groceries (apparently, in some crazy Ponzi profit scam, Albertson’s Supermarket expects her to pay), I used the extra time to scan the covers of the rag magazines sitting at the check stand in the impulse zone.

I noted the cover of US Weekly. The headline read “Star’s Secrets – Get Thin Fast” and the cover had several very thin celebrities in photos where they resembled liberated POW camp survivors. I am not sure what amazes me more, the fact that US Weekly would publish this crap or that normal intelligent women would purchase it.

Even if quick weight loss was healthy (which I am fairly certain it isn’t), what makes a Mom with 2.3 kids living in northern Oregon think she can match a program designed for a celebrity? A celebrity who merits the cover of a tabloid would most likely have enough money for assistance. She could afford to have personal trainers, chefs who cook tasty yet nutritionally balanced meals, and maybe a long term visit to a spa. Not to mention the time she has available for fitness training. Now the Oregonian Mom on the other hand has to take care of the family. That means she most likely has a job, takes care of cleaning the house, and still needs to cook for the kids. She’s lucky to be getting a night out of the house for a round of Bunco with her friends. When is she going to get the kind of support or the kind of time that Britney can afford?

I have also heard a great deal about the show “Biggest Loser”. My friends all seem to love this show. I think it speaks to people at some level. I am amazed at the incredible marketing job they are doing with it. The product placement is blatant, but if it helps people, good for them. I just don’t kid myself, it’s all about making some money, God Bless the USA!

I guess I shouldn’t be knocking the show when I have never actually watched a full episode, but it seems like it is putting out more unreal expectations. I have seen some of the results online. The contestants seem to be losing a huge amount of weight in a very short period of time. I would love to leave my job, go work with a trainer, and have a diet plan laid out for me. That kind of focused effort would be awesome. Unfortunately, I live in the real world, not the TV world. Just for the record, if I was going to live in the TV world, I think I would rather live in a house with a hot Jeannie granting my wishes and then just wish to be thin. What could be better than a hot blonde that refers to you as master and when you’re tired of her, you just plug her back into the bottle?

I don’t blame anyone for looking for the shortcut. I myself love a good fast forward to the end once in a while. No matter what anyone tells you, in this case, there are no quick fixes. You gotta make up your mind and put in the work if you wanna lose the weight. As Chuck D says, “Don’t believe the hype”.


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