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I have worked in the past as a bill collector, I’ve sold auto parts, was a cashier, a sales manager, and for the majority of my professional life, I was a mortgage banker. For the last 5 years, I have been working as a “Project Manager”. My strategic thought processes are most suited for this job. It is a good fit for me.

As with many people, I got the job and then had to learn the lingo for the position. I learned there is a great many abbreviations, acronyms and professional terms used in this field. One of my favorite terms is “schedule slip”. It’s pretty self explanatory, as it means you have a set schedule and the deadline needs to be pushed back because it’s apparent that you are not going to make it. No one likes to use the term “missed deadlines” because that would appear to place blame. The reasons for schedule slip can vary, it can be unforeseen issues delaying the project, it can be an unreal expectation by management for the term to complete, it can be hardware issues, etc.

My weight loss project has suffered serious schedule slip. In the beginning, I had an unreal expectation of how long it was going to take me to lose the weight. I wanted to get it done as soon as possible, and I thought I could lose the weight between 2 and 3 years. In the first year, I lost 140lbs. I then readjusted my original goal to 300 pounds lost in 28 months.

I was right on target for the first year. I was feeling good and felt like I wanted to reward myself when I lost the first 100 pounds. I spent some money on myself and purchased a Sony PSP hand held video system. As a bit of a closet geek, I love this technology.

When I got to 200 pounds lost, I was behind schedule and for that reason, didn’t feel that I deserved to buy myself a reward. It was important to me that I maintain a schedule and drive towards it. I didn’t take into account the changes in my physical body and the slowdown in the weight loss. This was my second reason for schedule slip, hardware issues.

After I lost the first 200 pounds, people really took notice. I think most were really sincere when they told me that they were impressed and I must be so proud. I always downplayed the weight I had lost. The truth is that until I got to my final goal, I didn’t want to feel too good about where I was. I was worried that I would grow complacent. I also felt a certain amount of failure because I was missing my deadlines.

When I had lost 250 pounds, I had kind of stalled on my diet. I just lost motivation; I was still losing but was disheartened by the time it was taking me to lose more weight. I had a few good friends who suggested that we would need to take a trip to celebrate when I lost 300 pounds. We decided on a trip to Vegas when I hit 300 pounds. This got my motivation back in gear in a big way. I really had a goal that I was excited about. Nothing like a long weekend of drunken debauchery to get your morale back in gear. I got back into gear and lost the weight. We went to Vegas, smoked like chimneys, and drank like Kennedys. It was a great trip.

 As of this morning, I am down to a weight of 247.6. I have lost 352.3 pounds. I think my final goal will be 235 lbs. This will depend on what my appointment with the nutritionist tells me. I am actually prepared for them to tell me I need to lose more. But, I have been working on 235 as the final number where I feel like I have accomplished my goal and can feel successful.

My next step will be to concentrate on strength training and try to regain the muscle I have lost over the last four years. That’s the great thing about being a project manager, once you finish one project, you get to move to the next one with a clean slate.



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