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It almost passed today without my making note of it, but today is February 18, 2010. This marks the 4th year I have been working on my program. My weight this morning was 246.7 lbs, and my total loss in 4 years is 353.2 lbs. It really seems like I just got started. I wonder where I will be one year from today?

On a completely different note, I have a theory that working out may make you stupid or at the very least confused. I came to this conclusion because of the lost and found bin at the YMCA where I work out. The bin is always overflowing with clothing, towels, shoes…etc. I personally have found a few cell phones and even a nice iPod Touch. It seems that when people are done working out they can’t remember to pick up their belongings and go home.

Here is a photo I took with my cell phone:

It shows a pair of men’s underpants…in the parking lot of the gym. I am not sure how you lose your chonies and not know it. How much working out did this clown do that his underpants fell off and he didn’t even know it?



  1. Way to go Paul! Are you sure they weren’t yours?

  2. I worked with a lady and one day we were in a restaurant parking lot when the waistband of her slip ripped. The slip dropped around her ankles and she just stepped out of it and kept walking. Maybe that is what happened with the chonies? Or maybe there is a reason that the chonies were left behind.

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