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A while ago, I was chatting with a friend about nutrition and he was telling me about some of the facts about weight loss. His point was about making good choices. At one point, he referred to me as an anomaly. I am sure he wasn’t trying to be insulting, but I didn’t think he was using the correct term. It sounded like it meant I was abnormal. I looked up the definition of anomaly on the web, and according to, it is “a person who is unusual”. I guess that fits. It seems a fairly small population of people have lost the kind of weight I have lost. That would make me an anomaly.

My biggest regret about starting this new ending was waiting so long. Did I wait too long? I feel like I am just starting to peak. I had a friend of mine that explained that great scientists usually make their biggest discoveries before they are 30 years old. I watched the world series of poker this year and most of the guys playing are in their early 20s (which also begs the question, what kind of 21 year old has $10K to spend on entering a poker tournament? What am I doing wrong?). But, I digress.

I think most of the guys I went to school with are on a reverse course from me. When I occasionally run into them, they seem to be swelling up and slowing down. They are getting fat and tired. What poetic irony. They can now look back on their lives like Al Bundy and think about their glory years in high school. How sad would it be to have the high point of your life be high school athletics?

I didn’t go to my 20th high school reunion because to be honest, I hated most of my high school experience. I had a few friends, but overall, it was a pretty miserable time. I want to go back to the guys that tormented me in high school and laugh at them. Walk up to them, look them in the eye and ask them, wait for them to get that spark of recognition and ask, “Who’s the fat boy now? How do you like me now, tubby?” I would like to think I am better than that. Maybe I am not the kind of guy who would get satisfaction out of telling them how do you like me now…but who am I kidding? That would be AWESOME.

I always heard that your high school years were the best years of your life. If that was the case, we should have all just committed suicide at graduation. I am so glad that is total B.S. because for me, it’s gotten better and better.

I am not sure why I always seem to be swimming upstream. The truth is, I like it and I am gaining speed. My life has gotten better and better, and at this rate, I will take up extreme snowboarding when I am 50. I have great friends that care about me, and didn’t care if I was fat Paul of fit Paul. They have been behind me through all the changes and I can’t begin to tell them how much that means.

Is it better to burn out or fade away? I am choosing burn out. Hopefully, it will be in a blaze of glory when I am much, much older!



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