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About a month ago, my mom and dad sent me a package of some items for my daughter (as grandparents tend to do). Included in the package was a photograph of me from a vacation we all took about 3 years ago. It may be the worst, most cringe-inducing picture of myself I have ever seen. It was taken on a family vacation about 6 years ago.

I don’t have many photographs of me at my larger status. I have looked; I have the yearly school photos, some special event candid photos. I don’t really have many photos of myself from age 12 until about 2 years ago, because I spent 30 years doing my best DB Cooper impression when a camera was around. I was like a made man in the mob that went rat and entered the witness relocation program…no pics at any cost. Even this photo was taken without my knowledge. Obviously, I was lost in the serious business of cutting a cake at the time. Could it possibly be any more ironic that I was eating at the time this photo was taken?

The crazy part about looking at this picture is that I don’t remember looking that way. Maybe that’s an indication I’m insane? It feels like it’s someone else. I know I am lighter on my feet; I take stairs two at a time now instead of riding the elevator. I still have some of the clothing I was wearing, but it’s hard to picture any of it really ever fitting me. It’s good to see the photos and remember where I was and how far I have come.



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