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I hit my official goal of losing 375 pounds last week. I knew I was close, and when I stepped on the scale last Thursday, I noted that I weighed 224.7 pounds. That’s a total official loss of 375.2 pounds. My personal reaction was unexpected on my part…I just said, “Huh.” and thought to myself, “Now what?” I didn’t have a huge feeling of accomplishment or relief…just “huh”. (I suspect that I will continue to lose a bit more weight just to pad my goal a bit.) But officially, I did it. 

On Thursdays, I have a standing meeting at my office with several of the agency executives. I decided it was time to celebrate a bit, and stopped on the way to work to buy some fresh fruit to share at the meeting.

Just because I felt like I owed it to myself, I also stopped off at my local neighborhood pusher and purchased a dozen of his best. These doughnuts are high level product, covered in not only the great uncut powered white stuff, you know…sugar, but also glaze, maple, chocolate, jelly and sprinkles. I decided that I needed to treat myself and not feel guilty about it, so as I was driving, I popped open the box and chose an old-fashioned buttermilk bar. I was only going to eat half of it, but when I picked it up, I realized it was still warm from cooking. Without hesitation, I consumed the entire doughnut.

I got to work, found a parking place, picked up my backpack, gym bag, and grocery bags of fruit, balanced the box of 11 doughnuts, and headed to the door. As I headed into the office, I ran into one of the executives, who asked me what all the food was for. I told her I’d finally hit my goal, and it was time to start gaining it all back! Nothing but Haggen Dazs and chicken McNuggets from now on!

When I got into the building, I got a platter, washed off the fruit and took it all into the meeting room. One of our outside consultants was in the room waiting for the meeting to get started. He also asked me about the food. I told him that I had hit my goal and wanted to celebrate. This is where I was surprised. He stood up, leaned across the table, reached out to shake my hand, looked me in the eyes and told me he was “very proud of me.” I can honestly say I was moved. He was so sincere, I even got a bit choked up. It was obvious that he truly was proud of me. Coming from someone that I respected, it was so unexpected that it threw me.

For the rest of the day, I heard this again from so many of my friends. They all said almost the same thing: “I am so proud of you.” It seemed that my friends were making more of this goal than I had. I thought it was a strange choice of words to get from people that in most cases were younger than I was. I gave it quite a bit of thought throughout the day. As I was driving to the gym after work that night, I had one of those ah-ha moments. I was thinking about how much it meant to everyone that I hit the goal, and was wondering why they were so invested in it. Maybe they were just glad that I would no longer be so obsessive about it. Or maybe that’s just the polite thing to say to someone that lost 62% of their body weight. In the end, I came to the conclusion that they just care about me and they felt happy for me…not for the goal I hit. True friends are people that have the ability to feel happiness for you and take pride in the people they care about.

I am lucky to have such great people in my life.




  1. Good job Paul !! You obviously have the will to accomplish anything – use it well!

  2. Maybe, just maybe, it’s just an amazing freaking thing for anyone on the planet to do, one of the hardest, and they are truly proud to know someone with such grit and determination. Maybe. I shall toast you (with a mimosa of course)!

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