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Lately, I have been feeling very uninspired. I have reached a bit of a post-goal let down. I’m not sure what happened, but I have just seemed to fade back into bad habits. I fell out of my workout routine a bit due to time issues, and I celebrated a bit too much with the food. I am hoping that if I get back into my routine, I can start to see some progress and I can kick start my system.

I also decided it was time to look at the things that really do inspire me. The attached is a list of people and things that I fully endorse/admire:

My iPod Classic

The iPod may be the single most important piece of exercise equipment I own. Without my music, I could not work out for more than 5 minutes without going “clown with a gun” insane. As much as I think Apple is an arrogant company, I have to admit that I love this MP3 player, and would be lost without it.

Tabasco Hot Sauce

Food with flavor satisfies. I have tried many other hot sauces, but they substitute ass-clenching heat for flavor. I like the taste…not trying to prove my manhood by eating hot food.

Aquarius Bottled Water

For the last 4 ½ years, I have been putting away 13 bottles of water a day. Over that time, I have tried just about every bottle of water on the market and found Aquarius Bottled Water to be the one I like best.

The two writers I know, Denise Wymore and Rebecca Grizzle

Both have written books, and both are very cool and very funny broads. Through all the weight I have lost and all the workouts I have done, nothing is harder than what these two women do on a regular basis. They write. Not only do they write, they are funny.

Please check them out.  If you are as inspired as I am, help the sisters out and pony up a few bucks to buy their books:

Wow, what do you know? I feel better already. Back to the grind…Paulie out.


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  1. Oh Paul, feeling uninspired of late myself in my writing. Good timing, your little message. I have in my mind to pick it back up when we get our first fall storm – bunny jammies, mimosa in hand (duh!!), and pounding away at the keyboard, maybe making myself laugh hard enough at my own cleverness to pee my pants (or jammies as it were). Life cycles. The planet rolls. You will cycle back, cause you’re cool like that. We should share a mimosa soon.

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