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Growing up I always felt the pressure of New Years as a time when you had to go out and have fun…even if you didn’t feel up to it. It felt like an obligation.  Now the pressure comes from New Years resolution.  Over the last 5 years I have taken to being very serious about New Years and resolutions in particular. 

One of my friends is really into the whole new beginning part of new years.  I think she believes it’s a fresh start and a chance to build what you want. 

I want to have fun on New Years Eve.  I would love to get knee-walking drunk and blow $300 on lap dances from single moms who dance “to put them selves through nursing school.”  Or hang out with my friends watching them pull jack ass stunts and hurt themselves because nothing it more funny than seeing a guy take a shot to the sack and double over. 

Truthfully, while I like going to a good dive bar or strip club, the allure isn’t the same anymore. It seems like it should be fun but it feels like a waste of time and money.   Maybe that’s a sign I am getting old.  God I hope it doesn’t mean I am getting mature. 

5 years ago I my news year’s resolution was to lose some weight.  I am down about 375 or so.  3 years ago I said I was going to start working out. Last year I said I was going to start lifting weights.  I have done all these things and I think my physical self is in line for the first time in my life.

So I have been thinking its time to get my emotional and spiritual self in line.  Not sure how my new years resolution is going to play into that yet.  As 2010 ended, I did some reflection.  I am pretty happy with how most of it went.  I think of all my changes with the weight loss, the best and the one I am most happy about is that it’s lead me to make some new friends.  Some of it was directly related to the weight, my blog and making some introductions.  Some of it has been because I think I am more open to new experiences and I am not letting the weight hold me back. 

I never suspected that losing weight would be such an awaking for me. I just wanted to look and feel better but how knew this would include personal growth?  I have been trying new experiences and kind of like moving outside of my comfort zone.  Maybe it’s time to look at my bucket list and start moving some of the items off that list.

So here is my list so far:

Have a nice suit custom made for me in Hong Kong

Have a financial negotiation which ends after the amount is set with the type of currency being used…Dollars, Lira, Yen then ending at marks.

Win a long shot bet at the Kentucky Derby of better that 50 to 1

Be involved in a bar brawl that ends with someone being thrown though a window and all of the combatants finding respect for each other and going to another bar for drinks

Use a vending machine in Osaka Japan train station

Dive a wreck in the Greek Islands

Become a trained chef

Hack my way through a jungle with machete


I want to drive 100 plus on the autobahn in a Porsche

I want to make a frantic run for the border

I want to be involved in a high speed car chase forcing me to:

                                                Drive the wrong way on a street

                                                Drive though a building

                                                Drive through a huge pane of glass

                                                Drive through a fruit stand

                                                Drive through a locked gate

                                                Jump a car off of a tow truck ramp parked in the street

Lie in a hammock, drink a local beer and quote Hemmingway on a third world beach

Yell “clear”, hit someone with deliberation paddles and bring them back to life 

 Earn a title of nobility maybe, “Viceroy”

Use a stuck elevators ceiling escape hatch

Learn to play great balls of fire on the piano

Hop on a freight train Hobo style

I want to hire a mercenary force and overthrow a Central America country and declare myself “Generalissimo Diablo Blanca”

In a real manner, I would like to continue to make new friends.  Being social is one of the biggest parts of who I am.  I have hopes of continuing this trend.  It may be the best part of losing the weight. 



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